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A Great Editorial

Posted in Uncategorized by rwsierk on July 28, 2010

I recently came across an editorial by Yaron Brooks in the Investors Business Daily, “Atlas Shrugged’s Timeless Moral: Profit-Making Is Virtue, Not Vice”.

He does a great job of summarizing the government’s involvement / interference in the free market economy does a great deal to hurt business, not help it. He points out the government’s creation and support of Freddie, Fannie, and GNMA did a great deal to cause the mortgage crisis over the last few years. The Obama administration touted their most recent achievement with the financial reform bill being passed and signed into law. Surprisingly absent from the financial reform package was a regulation of Freddie, Fannie, and GNMA, the very entities that were instrumental to the financial collapse and mortgage meltdown.
He used a quote from Atlas Shrugged that I also included in my new book “You Can Make It, But Can You Keep It?”. It was a discussion with Hank Reardon and summarizes the philosophy business owners should espouse on a daily basis.

I work for nothing but my own profit — which I make by selling a product they need to men who are willing and able to buy it. … I do not sacrifice my interests to them nor do they sacrifice theirs to me; we deal as equals by mutual consent to mutual advantage — and I am proud of every penny that I have earned in this manner. . . . I refuse to apologize for my ability — I refuse to apologize for my success — I refuse to apologize for my money.

Read the entire editorial at



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