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My California Voter Guide

Posted in Uncategorized by rwsierk on November 1, 2010

In an effort to educate the voters, I have prepared my California voter guide.

US Senate – Carly Fiorina

Governor – Meg Whitman

Lieutenant Governor- Abel Maldinado

Attorney General – Steve Cooley

Treasurer- Mimi Walters

Insurance Commissioner- Mike Villines

Controller – Tony Strickland

Secretary of State- Damon Dunn

State Board of Equalization 2nd District – George Runner

State Board of Equalization 3rd District- Michelle Steel



Prop 19: Legalization of Marijuana – NO

Prop 20: Congressional Redistricting- YES

Prop 21: Increase Car Tax- NO

Prop 22: Protect Local Gov’t Funds- YES

Prop 23: Suspend AB32 to protect California Jobs- YES

Prop 24: Cancel Tax Breaks- NO

Prop 25: Repeal 2/3rds Majority for State Budget- NO

Prop 26: Stop Hidden Taxes- YES

Prop 27: Overturn Proposition 11 Citizens Redistricting Commission- NO


Judicial Recommendations

Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Tani Cantil-Sakauye

Associate Justice: Ming W. Chin

Court of Appeals

Presiding Justice: Robert Mallano

Associate Justice: Frank Jackson

Superior Court

Office 28: Randy Hammock

Office 117: Alan Schneider

Office 138: Amy Hogue


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  1. Ed Beneville said, on November 1, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    You have it right on everyone but Whitman. I’ve been an adult in Clifornia since 1969 and Jerry Brown was by far the best Governor we’ve had since he left office. He made some very questionable court appointments, but got everything else right.

    Bottom line, he speaks from the heart and without equivocation. Whitman’s business experience is not a good indicator of political prowess. She is no more than a frustrated attack dog.

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